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Executive Committee

Mr Benjamin Rizzo

President | MIA

Inġ Saviour Baldacchino

Vice President – Administration | CoE

Mr James Licari

 Vice President – Membership | MAPCo-Re

Prof Ruth Falzon

Hon. Secretary | MACP

Mr Demis Cachia

Hon. Treasurer | MAOT

Ms Norma Camilleri


Marcelle Abela

General Secretary

Council Member Representatives

Ms Daniela Vasallo | ASLP

Ms Yvonne Midolo | APM

Inġ. Malcolm Zammit | CoE

Dr Christian Satariano | DAM

Perit Andre Pizzuto | KTP

Ms Estela Rama | MACP

Dr Martin Balzan | MAM

Mr Andrew Pisani | MAP

Ms Kerry Hermitage | MASW

Mr Christian Mizzi | MAY

Ms Maryanne Ciappara | MCOP

Prof. Mary Anne Lauri | MCP

Ms Maria Cauchi Delia | MIA

Dr Geoffrey Schembri Adami | MVA

Mr Malcolm Mallia | SRM